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Club Atlético Mineiro

Atlético has one of the richest histories of Brazilian football

The club was founded on March 25th, 1908, by students in Belo Horizonte's Municipal Park. Throughout its existence, Galo became a team of the people, boosting its growth and supporters. The Clube Atlético Mineiro soon became one of the biggest clubs in Brazil.

Among the team's greatest achievements in football, stand out the Brazilian Champions Tournament in 1937, the first professional interstate competition in the country; the symbolic title of "Champion of the Ice" after a successful tour in Europe in which the team defeat many local teams; the first Brazilian Championship in 1971 and two Conmebol Cups in 1992 and 1997. Atlético maintains its supremacy in Minas Gerais state having won 41 State Titles.

In 2012, Galo won the Minas Gerais State Title unbeaten and also all three titles on Youth Team Tournaments: under-20, under-17 and under-15. The team was also Runner-Up on the Brazilian National Title, being the top scoring team in the league and having the best home field winning record - 84,8%. 



Atleico’s 105 years of history are filled with pioneering on and off the Field. The team was the first in Minas to use leather footballs as a replacement for the the old “sox-made" footballs.

Six years later, the team won the first football tournament in Minas Gerais, the Bueno Brandão Trophy. In 1915, they won the first official football championship, organized by the Liga Mineira de Esportes Terrestres, later known as the Federação Mineira de Futebol (FMF).

In 1929, Galo won the first international match of a Minas team, beating the Portuguese champions’ Victória de Setúbal, by 3 to 1. The goals were scored by Mario de Castro(2), and Said (1). The game took place at the Antonio Carlos Stadium, which had been inaugurated on May 30th, and was one of the first stadiums in Brazil to install light reflectors. The inauguration game was played against Corinthians, and Galo won by 4 to 2 with goals by Mário de Castro (3) and Said (1)). On August 17th the following year, the stadium was visited by Fifa’s legendary president, Jules Rimet on his first night game. 

Still in 1930, Galo had the first player, from outside Rio and São Paulo, to be drafted to the National Team: Mario de Castro. At the time, he refused the invite, claiming he would never wear a jersey other than the “Black and White”. He scored 195 goals in a 100 games, probably one of the highest ratings in Football history. 


The Strong and Avenger Rooster 

The rooster (Galo) became the team's mascot at the end of the 1930's. It is said the mascot was chosen due to an unbeatable rooster in the cock fights that used to happen in the city. The cartoonist Fernando Pierucetti, knows as Mangabeira, draw the famous mascot.


The players

Throughout its history, Atlético had some of the most important players in Brazilian Football history. Reinaldo is the greatest striker in team’s history. Along with him, Atlético had players like Toninho Cerezo, Eder Aleixo and Luisinho, all of whom played in the National Team during the late 1970’s and 1980’s. 

Recently, famous players marked Atlético’s history like Taffarel, Beletti, Dede, Marques, Euller, Guilherme, Gilberto Silva (world champions in 2002), Diego Tardelli and Ronaldinho, two times named the best player in the world.


The fans 

Atlético’s greatest asset, the “Massa” (the mass), is renowned as the most fanatical and active fans in the country, with impressive attendance and presence in the stands, always supporting the Galo.  

Atlético had the highest average attendance in 10 of the 41 Brazilian Championships. In 2006, Galo had the biggest attendance in the country with 606.520 fans in 19 games in the Brazilian Championship. 

In 2012, the team came back to Belo Horizonte, after playing in Sete Lagoas due to Mineirão’s reform. The team had the highest stadium occupancy rate in the Serie A (79%). The strong presence in the stands has had a major role since Galo finished 2012 without losing at home with an unbeaten record of 36 games in 15 months. 


Professional Team

Atlético has one of the best structures in Brazil and a World-Class Training Center.

Coaching Staff

The coaching staff at Atlético is formed by top professionals of Brazilian Football, that find, in the City of Galo, all the structure and resources to conduct a high performance job. In the staff, stand out Head Coach Cuca and professionals such as Carlinhos Neves (physical preparator), Rodrigo Lasmar (Team Doctor) and Chiquinho Cersósimo (Goalkeeping Coach) former members of the Brazilian National Team Coaching Staff.

Along with team, a complete team of physical therapists, nutritionists, physiologists, technology assistant and press officers, among other professionals that work daily on the club.



In 2012, Atlético has won great media attention and timeshare both nationally and internationally for its great results and the performance of athletes such as Ronaldinho, Réver, Leonardo Silva, Marcos Rocha, Pierre, Júnior César, Jô, Victor and Bernard, considered by the Brazilian Media as the breakout player of Brazil’s Football in 2012. 

With a team that mixed young prospects and veteran players, Galo had the best record ever in the first round-robin of the Brazilian Championship and won, undefeated, the Minas Gerais State Championship.

In 2013, Galo kept all of its key players and strengthened the team with acquisitions such as Diego Tardelli. 



If you have any doubts or want to know more about Atlético, feel free to get in touch with our International Affairs department through e-mail. We’d be glad to help you.


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